I am a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). I drive from Huntington Beach to train with Henry Akins. He is hands down one of the best Jiu Jitsu instructors in the world. His style of teaching comes from the originators of BJJ the Gracie Family. Henry actually got his black belt from Rickson Gracie. The man considered to be the best Jiu Jitsu practitioner ever. This is why i drive over an hour to learn from him.

The Jiu Jitsu taught here is the best. They teach for MMA, Self Defense, and Competition. They have traditional gi classes, No Gi classes and MMA. MMA is also taught my UFC veteran Antoni Hardonk who is a legendary K1 dutch kick boxer.

I have trained all over the world for the last 20 years and if you are lucky enough to live in driving distance from this place you should go.

Other places might have more trophies in the windows but i promise the instruction is not near as good. These guys are just more humble.

BTW they offer some free classes so you have nothing to loose.


At first I was so nervous about joining an MMA gym, as I thought it was totally a “man’s world” where a 5’4″ girl like myself would never fit in. Having had martial arts experience in the past, I wanted to give kickboxing a try. Now I wish I had known about Dynamix sooner and had started training a long time ago! I couldn’t be happier with this place. Here are the reasons why I love Dynamix:

1) Antoni is an amazing teacher who not only challenges you, but also encourages you and recognizes your strengths and progress.

2)The people who train here are some of the friendliest, and they genuinely care about helping the new people learn all the techniques and applications.

3)This gym will work you OUT!! You won’t be taking some “cardio kickbox” class. It’s serious training for people serious about their fitness and skills.

4)Plenty of parking and spacious facility.

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to hone their skills further, or just be challenged with a sport they’ve never tried before.


I’v been here for just a month and my skill just Skyrocketed! I won my MMA fight a few days ago and I am glad to have run into Dynamix!

with Henry Akins:
Ok I’m a wrestler and blue belt…
After rolling with Henry Akins my body and limbs were being manipulated in ways I never been manipulated before. In grappling classes I got the chance to learn techniques I’v never seen before, I may only be a blue belt… but that was awesome!

with Antoni Hardonk:
It was my first time going through such technical kickboxing training, footwork, stance, coordination, balance…everything was being challenged and improving

I had little striking experience and only one month till a MMA fight, Antoni Hardonk and his striking team pointed out all my bad habits and they just tick away the littlest things that make the Biggest improvements!

The russian Ox
with Vladimir Matshunenko:
Being a wrestler throughout school (I’m 19 so this was like yesterday) I honestly came into Vlad’s wrestling/MMA class a little bit cocky.

Vlad is a russian wrestling champion. Then Vlad did the same thing, tick away all the little things and Just the smallest minor technical inputs. So simple and effective. It’s also a blast learning how to takedown people.

Dynamix students and fight team:

It’s a family environment, expect to make new friends and laugh, they take training very serious but best believe they know how to have a great time :)

The Area is nice. On Santa Monica only 2 miles from the beach.

Lots of gym space and training gear.

Good for all ages!


After years of BJJ at a several top BJJ studios, I recently landed at Dynamix MMA. FYI- They have updated the schedule!!! Additional Gi & No-Gi classes were added on throughout the week!! Yea Buddy!!

FACILITY-Clean and roomy…what else do you need for BJJ??? Location is shared with Jun Chong TKD and includes 2 clean restrooms, showers, lockers and plenty of room to change or to chill out after class. Plenty of free and metered parking available.

Best of all, they have reasonable prices and show love to who serve and protect this great city we live in.

INSTURCTION- Rickson Gracie trained, Henry Akins. If you don’t know who he is, betta’ ax sumbody! (Or YouTube him) All I have to say is that his explanation and teaching method are exemplary! Come check it out for yourself! Oossss…

They also have former UFC heavyweight Antoni Hardonk teaching kickboxing! I have yet to take that class, but also looks great!


For me, this is clearly the BEST place to train in Southern California, and I’ve been training here for 1 year now. (I have previously trained Martial Arts at various locations around LA/ So Cal. This is not my first school by any means.)

Top 3 Reasons why I love training at DYNAMIX:

1. Incredible EXPERTISE & ACCOMPLISHED Teachers/Coaches. Antoni Hardonk, UFC & K1 veteran, teaches “Dutch Kickboxing” which blends elements of everything from the striking arts such as Muay Thai, to Western Boxing, to Kyokushin Karate. Henry Akins, a Rickson Gracie black belt, teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is one of 10 men to ever receive that honor from Rickson.

2. RESPECTFUL CULTURE. In other words, no “Meatheads” with gigantic egos ready to tear your shoulder out. Maybe you’re a beginner, or perhaps you’re a working professional like me. I have fellow students, from writers to Lawyers, who just wants a great workout. At Dynamix, everyone will be respectful of that, as the instructors will throw out anyone otherwise. You’ll quickly find there are a lot of gyms in Southern -Cal where a meathead who wasn’t loved as a child will rough you up to show you who is boss. Supportive people make for a better training environment.

3. Great instruction SUITED FOR ALL LEVELS. As mentioned above, you may be an office worker/weekend warrior, OR you may be someone who aspires to be a pro fighter. There exists adequate training for all levels. Over the past year, I’ve seen UFC & pro fighters, such as Rhonda Rousy (current female Champ) , and Vladimir Matyushenko (longtime UFC fighter) training at this gym with other pros. Over the past month, current well known UFC heavy weight, Stefan “Skyscraper” Struve has been training here getting ready for his next bout. If you have higher aspirations, there is also suitable training for you.

On the other hand, in the regular classes, there are both males and females of various ages. (Yes, WOMEN are welcome here too, and treated respectfully.) I’ve invited female friends to try a class and they’ve loved it.

I believe if you’re going to do something in life, why not do it right?? Unless you move to Amsterdam, you’d have a difficult time learning the technical aspects of Dutch kickboxing that Antoni Hardonk teaches. Having ferociously battled K1 legends such as Remy Bonjasky and Badr Hari, as well as mixing it up in the Octagon with guys like Frank Mir, Antoni Hardonk has a pretty good idea of what works and what does not, both in the ring and in the street.

The classes start with an active warm-up that is rather intense. We then transition into drills, many of which I’ve never seen elsewhere. Unlike most gyms, you won’t be punching at ghosts in the air, heavy bags, or stationary people lazily holding pads while daydreaming about the next episode of American Idol. The drills are active and focus on distance/timing, footwork, counters, pacing, clinch, and much more……

Once the kickboxing starts, you’ll get a fantastic workout without being degraded to doing sit-ups, jumping jacks or Zumba in between kickboxing drills. Light fun sparring follows at the end of each class for those who are interested.

I am new to the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program here but I already love the “Invisible Jiu Jitsu” that Henry teaches, focusing on leverage and feeling the pressure. Also, Henry will train/Roll and personally work with every single student regardless of whether you’re a white belt or seasoned black belt. This is key, because in my experience at other BJJ gyms, the head instructor will never “Roll” with you personally, ever.

Other intangible benefits to consider At Dynamix:

- Shower: Yes, there is a shower in the facility.
- Free Parking in the shopping center.
- No funny business with your money or mine. I can say that they’ve been honorable and fair with my money here for the past year.

Fair balance: The only drawback for some might people might be that the Jiu Jitsu program is more geared towards MMA, at the moment. That means: Although there are both “No-gi” classes offered as well as classes with the gi (traditional uniform.); the no-gi classes have more time slots.

This much I know: If I do a Google search right now for Martial Arts & MMA in So Cal, I’ll easily be overwhelmed with 50 choices of schools. However, after weeding out the schools with mediocre instruction, the meatheads ready to tear my shoulder out, disrespectful attitudes, and ones who have unscrupulous business practices with my money, there are probably only 5 worthy schools.


Lastly, in case you’re wondering, I don’t work for this gym, and if you mention my name, you’ll definitely get 0% discount. I just love training here, and want to spread the word about a good thing I’ve found.

Don’t take my word for it. Come to the academy & find out for yourself.

Final Verdict: 5 Stars. Best Place to train Martial Arts in Southern CA


I live in the Bay Area and train at AKA. I came down to LA to visit and tried out a class. If I lived in LA or if Dynamix was in San Jose, I would definitely come train here.

- SUITABLE FOR ALL genders, skill levels.
I’m not sure if they do all ages but if so, it would be a great place for your kids to train at.
* Antoni Hardonk, retired UFC fighter, is a really down-to-earth instructor. He is not only friendly and patient, he is extremely knowledgeable. He thoroughly explains what you are doing, why you are doing, and how you can use it effectively. He’s very approachable so you won’t feel intimidated if you have a question. He’s also from Amsterdam, one of the friendliest and most hospitable places to visit.
* The members that train here are focused as well as patient and friendly. This is important because you partner up with people and switch partners from time to time. It’s important to work with people that not only are serious about what they are doing, but also patient with you, no matter your skill level. You don’t just learn from the instructor, you learn from your classmates as well.
* EDM, House music in the background!!! It’s faint and you can only hear it from one corner but it’s a kickboxing class, not a dance club. Another Amsterdam vibe I get from Dynamix.
* Parking isn’t too bad for LA. There’s a lot for the plaza Dynamix is located. Just arrive 15~20 minutes before class starts to find parking. You can also look for street parking.

- None that I could think of.

This is definitely a place worth checking out if you live in LA and want to find a good place to train at.


I moved to West LA from OC a little over a year ago. In OC, I had been training with the same group of guys for almost ten years. The Gym that I left behind when I moved was far more to me than a place to learn the various aspects of MMA and get into shape. It was a family to me. Anybody who trains in this sport for a while will know what I am talking about.

To me, these people could not be replaced. When I moved to LA, I figured that I would just give up on training MMA and try to stay in shape doing something more “ordinary”. “Ordinary” did not work for me. Slogging away on an elliptical or grunting out sets on a weight bench was OK, but a little less than motivating in the long run.

I began to search for an MMA gym nearby. I went to check out one gym in my area (the one with a mechanical sounding name). As soon as I walked in I knew it would not be my ideal gym, too much non gym space (couches, love seats, end tables cutting into the matt space). They wanted a lot of money and they wanted a huge upfront commitment (2 years). I almost just bit the bullet and did it. I did not think that I had any other option. On a whim I looked up other gyms in the area, and I stumble onto Dynamix MMA. It was close enough so I figured that I would stop in and see what it was all about. It was the best decision that I made in a long time…

As soon as I walked into that gym I knew that I found a new home. Students were humble, nice, and very, very good for their experience level. Henry Akins teaches Jiu-Jitsu, if you do not know who he is, google him. He is a phenomenal teacher. He can explain position, transition, sweep, and submission down to the tiniest detail. He has an uncanny ability to explain movements and position that anyone can understand, a true master of the sport. But that’s not all… Antoni Hardonk is the striking instructor there, (again, google if you are unfamiliar) He is an incredible teacher as well. The most common thing I hear from people after they take his class is “I feel like I am far more effective after just one class” and they are right, they are better, even after just one class. Both instructors, as well as students there, are very approachable and make you feel like a team member from day one.

The first class is free, so I urge you to try it out, and then you can pay for just one month (no contract) to see if you still enjoy it and if it is feasible for you. Then you can sign up month to month, for six month, or for a year. The do not charge as much as the training is worth….People get in there and start before they realize how much money they could charge for the caliber of training that they offer. Antoni and Henry have taught 99% of the classes themselves since I have started there. People who have not trained before do not know how rare it is to receive that level of instruction on a daily basis. Go and try out a class, you have nothing to lose, and so much to gain. Their website has an up to date class schedule. Now go already!


I had been training Jiu Jitsu off and on for 4 years. Meeting Henry Akins has been an eye opening experience. Seriously, it’s ridiculous how much I didn’t learn until now. If you want a belt to have a belt go train anywhere. If you want to be the best, train with Henry. Just take one free class…. You’ll see for yourself. As for training partners, there are some great guys to train with. As the only girl in class, it’s nice to know I can trust they aren’t going to try to kill me…..although they do put pressure on me so I can learn :) Do it!!!!


I took a couple months off for a busy semester and came back to a handful of ladies! Just thought for you females out there looking for some super cool ladies to roll with, now you will have em!


If you’re located in the West Los Angeles / Santa Monica area and are interested in learning the effective self-defense arts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and/or Dutch-Style Kickboxing then I would highly recommend that you pay a visit to Dynamix MMA. The bottom line is you receive top notch technical instruction alongside an awesome group of people in a great facility.

Henry Akins is an elite Rickson Gracie Black Belt (not all Black Belts are created equal) with a true mastery of Jiu-Jitsu concepts and techniques. I have trained under many different Jiu-Jitsu instructors and I have found Henry’s teaching and philosophies to be a refreshing view on a sport that has rapidly grown away from its founding principles. Henry focuses his curriculum on techniques that work in actual combat situations as well as techniques that work for all body types and personal attributes. In my opinion, it is this focus that enables him to have a deeper understanding of true Jiu-Jitsu and comprehend details of techniques that most other instructors aren’t aware of. Take a class with him and you will immediately know why his peers have labeled him the Jiu-Jitsu “Supercomputer.”

Former K1 and UFC fighter, Antoni Hardonk teaches the striking classes at Dynamix. Antoni’s striking style is based on the Dutch style of kickboxing which has been so effective at dominating the kickboxing scene for the past couple of decades (see names such as Ernesto Hoost, Remy Bonjasky, Alistair Overeem, Peter Aerts, etc.). Antoni introduces you to Dutch-Style Kickboxing much further than just showing you how to kick a heavy bag. You will learn all facets of striking, including foot-work, clinching, defensive maneuvering, counter-striking, easy to advanced combinations as well as the strategy to put it all together. Additionally, Antoni is also one of the nicest and most charismatic guys you will ever meet. His personality helps to make an initially intimidating environment feel warm and friendly.

Both Henry and Antoni are true masters of their trade. They both have spent countless years training with the absolute best in their respective domains and are able to effectively convey that wealth of experience to their students. I believe having both of these guys under one roof truly makes Dynamix a unique place to develop your skills.

The gym has many other intangibles which make it a great place to learn and train. There seems to be a great sense of team unity at Dynamix where egos are held in check and students strive to help one another progress their knowledge base. Furthermore, the facility itself is great. The facility offers plenty of clean open space for instruction and sparring. Lastly, parking is pretty good as well considering the area. You can usually always find parking in the lot or the underground garage.


I’ve been taking the Brazilian jiu jitsu class at Dynamix for the past 7 months now. Before that, I had trained at various other locations for several years. I have to say that the instructor, Henry Akins, is by far the most detail oriented instructor I’ve ever learned from. He is very good at pointing out small details that make a huge difference in the techniques. It seems that I learn something new every time I train. Even if it is a technique I have seen in the past, Henry always points out the subtle nuances that I did not know and explains why it must be done a certain way in order for it to work properly. It has been a real eye-opening experience.

The jiu jitsu program here is complete. All aspects are covered from stand-up self defense, to takedowns, and the ground work. I highly recommend trying a free class out and I am sure you will be amazed with what you will learn in even just one session.


I’ve been training in jiu jitsu for a few years and I’ve tried to soak up all the information I’ve been able to get my hands on. However, I’ve always felt that much of what I’ve learned just didn’t work unless you had some level of strength or flexibility (these are techniques used by 99% of the jiu jitsu world). Well, I started training at Dynamix about 7 months ago, and it has been an eye-opening experience. The jiu jitsu instructor, Henry Akins, was only the third American to receive a black belt from the legendary Rickson Gracie (believed by many to be the greatest jiu jitsu practitioner ever). Henry has addressed all of my problems and shown me why many of the techniques used today are not very effective. In addition, he’s taught me techniques that I’ve NEVER seen anywhere else. His techniques don’t require physical strength, rely more on leverage and sensitivity to weight distribution, and are insanely effective. Furthermore, he’s shown me important details which have vastly improved the techniques I THOUGHT I already knew. Many people talk about the “next evolution of jiu jitsu”. I think it already happened when Rickson Gracie developed his own theories and modifications to jiu jitsu, and Henry Akins is an amazing instructor of those teachings.


It was a privilege to start training at Dynamix 2 years ago. With a background and love for freestyle striking and JKD, I had always intended on training in Holland at Vos, Mejiro, or any of the other powerhouse gyms to up my level. I was glad to learn through my buddy that Antoni Hardonk, Dutch UFC and K1 heavyweight veteran had opened a gym on the westside saving me the trouble. 2 years of training here with Antoni has brought my standup to another level. For that I am grateful.

I am also fortunate to have started training over the last year in BJJ with Dynamix BJJ coach and Rickson Gracie Black belt Henry Akins. Henry is called the BJJ supercomputer for a reason. He breaks the basics down superbly.. If your goal is to sharpen your game under superb coaches, to fight in MMA, BJJ, kickboxing, or self defense/fitness, you can’t go wrong..No attitudes, egos, just hard training.

PS: Law enforcement, military, and students get discounted rates.


To state it simply Dynamix has been a part of changing my life for the better. In the past six months at Dynamix I have become overall healthier, more confident and feel that I have been a better husband and father with the added bonus of being happier at work.

Before I joined Dynamix my past training has always felt lazy and driven by the newly taught technique that most of gym doesn’t know yet in hopes I might pull something off on someone that didn’t show up that day. I always felt like my past training was misguided and I was blindly wondering around with no clear idea on how to improve. This all changed in my first class with Henry and has continued to change every week since. Henrys emphasis for the small details and simplicity have given me a greater understanding of the basics and shown me a direct path for improvement. I constantly relearn techniques from Henry that I had previously given up on because I could never make them work even though I was doing exactly what I was taught in the past. Henry takes the time to show you the concept of the techniques and makes sure you understand it. After technique and during training Henry will always have a watchful eye on everyone calling out corrections and even taking the time to come over and show you how to improve.

Above all Henry has given me the confidence that I am learning how to defend myself on and off the mats.



I’ve been fortunate to be able to train in gyms all around the world – from Thailand to Germany, to the UK and multiple locations in the US (Bay Area, Las Vegas, San Diego and LA) and Dynamix has by far the highest level of instruction I ever experienced. If absolute beginner or veteran pro fighter, this place is the real deal.

Coach Antoni is an absolute master in the discipline of dutch kickboxing, a very unique and super effective style you’ll only find at Dynamix. Much more than a great kickboxer Antoni is a great teacher and mentor that really has an overall system that he teaches you. His level of detail is absolutely unmatched and like I mentioned I’ve been around quite a bit so I think I can tell.

Usually you’ll have approx. 10 students per class which makes it possible for Antoni to really individually coach you and help you make great progress. I’ve been training for about 7 years and my learning curve increased dramatically since I joined this gym about a year ago.

Henry Akins, a Rickson Gracie JJ blackbelt (do I need to say more?) runs the grappling classes and I can’t say enough good things about him too. His attention to detail makes all the difference in the world when it comes to developing ‘sharp’ Jiu Jitsu and his ability to pass this knowledge over to his students is absolutely unmatched.

There are a lot of gyms out there that develop a lot of tough guys, no question. At Dynamix though, you really get the chance to develop your skills in an overall and structured systems under the close supervision of two of the best on this planet in their respective art. Antoni and Henry will teach you how to fight, not how to be tough. That being said, it’s a great and safe training environment for everybody, so bring your friends and come check it out!


I’ve been training at Dynamix for a couple months and I honestly can’t imagine a better place to learn MMA. Antoni (kick boxing), Henry (jiu jitsu) and Rhonda (judo) are the most knowledgeable, most patient and helpful instructors I’ve ever worked with. I am blown away with each technique they teach because of how in depth, yet simply they are able to articulate it. Besides the instructors, everyone who trains at Dynamix has been great, as well.


Antoni Hardonk and Henry Akins are the best trainers I’ve ever come across. Antoni is a fountain of knowledge, not just about Dutch Kickboxing, but about the history of martial arts. Henry is a super computer when it comes to his precise technique in jujitsu and is probably the best kept secret in all of BJJ. And now Vladimir Matyushenko teaches wrestling on Saturdays. You really can’t get better MMA instruction. It’s a great gym where you can go and learn (without people trying to knock you out), regardless of your skill level. I’d recommend this gym to anyone.


If you are looking for the perfect MMA gym this is it. The instructors are very experienced/professional, the gym bright/spacious and all the people training there are nice and friendly. If you are serious about Jiu Jitsu and/or Kick Boxing, or if you just wanna give it a try, I definitively recommend it. I have been training there for a couple of years now and I can’t think of a better MMA gym in LA.


It is nearly impossible to find a martial arts school with some of the worlds top MMA fighters who will teach the average Joe off the street and treat them with respect, kindness, and motivation. These guys check their attitude at the door and just get down to MMA with the best teachers in the world. Check this out; Antoni Hardonk, five year UFC veteran and Danish Kickboxing champion teaches the standup, Ronda Rousy (2004/2008 olympics), the top woman’s MMA fighter currently on the planet, teaches Judo and throws, Henry Akins, one of ten Rickson Gracie Black Belts in the world is the BJJ Master, Kamul Shalorous (2004 Olympics / UFC) is the wrestling coach. You’ll never know who you’ll see training there, I once saw Boz Rutten there watching his kids train with Ronda. The new space is the best in the city, they have a REAL octagon and a HUGE mat, locker rooms, showers, free parking, etc. I am not a pro fighter but I see a lot of UFC fighters training there and I feel like one when I train with them. Oh yeah, their rates are cheaper than any other place I looked at and they don’t limit you to just one or two classes a week.


Ive visited many many famous mma gyms in the states and can guarantee you that the level of technical instructions doesnt get better. Its a nice , relaxed atmosphere also which is extremely important to perform your best. The coaches are really accessible and you can ask them anything. The striking is by a K1 level striker (antoni hardonk) and his style is different from most gyms. Train here for a few months and go spar with fighters from more orthodox muay thai gyms and you will understand why the dutch style is superior. Antoni just knows his stuff and can see your mistakes and strengths in seconds. The jiu jitsu is also phenomenal. I have visited many many gyms and according to me Henry Akins is the best grappling instructor in the world. Many coaches have impressive records but they cannot transfer their knowledge to you effectively. Henry doesnt just show you techniques but he shows you the why and how of every single technique and is the most detailed instructor ever. He didnt teach me anything fancy he just taught me how to make the basics work. You understand why Rickson was the best after u train with Henry (he has a black belt from rickson Gracie).Both coaches have the ultimate knowledge not only on techniques but the whole philosophy of fighting from progression, plateauing, dealing with frustration etc. I had really frustrating days but the coaches were extremely encouraging. I recomend this gym to everyone other than someone who I may fight later on!


I’ve been training MMA for 15+ years and can’t say enough good things about DynamixMMA! This is the best place to improve your game, period.

Antoni and Henry (the striking and grappling coaches, resp.) are well sought-out by pros and aspiring pros alike–but beginners will quickly feel at home here as well, due to the respectful, open environment.

Training is very professional and well-organized, and revolves around light combat drills, one-on-one sparring, and personal instruction.

All-in-all, stop by if you want to learn the world’s most effective fighting fighting systems from some of the best instructors around.