Program: Dynamix Striking System

Instructor: Antoni Hardonk, K-1 and UFC veteran

Duration: 1 hr and 15 mins

Attire: Dynamix shorts and t-shirt

Equipment: Mouth protector, groin protector, boxing gloves, shin guards


Dynamix Striking System

The Dynamix Striking System is a modern martial art that makes use of punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and leg-sweeps from the standing position.The program is a great work-out, that increases balance, strength, endurance, flexibility and agility, while developing techniques and skills.



Dynamix Martial Arts offers classes for men and women of all age groups from absolute beginner to the expert level. In a fun and safe learning environment the students train how to attack, defend and counterattack.



The Dynamix Striking System is the result of an evolutionary process following a long lineage of martial arts masters. The lineage starts in Okinawa with ancient Karate that found its way to Japan and then evolved into the more realistic Kyokushin Karate and later Kickboxing. Kickboxing became popular in the Netherlands where it further developed. This resulted in the Dutch dominating the international pro-kickboxing competitions for the last 30 years. This effective style of striking, modified for its use in modern MMA, formed the blueprint for the Dynamix Striking System.


Dynamix Martial Arts developed a total curriculum, with clear goals and milestones, to optimize the students training experience. Part of the curriculum is a ranking system to monitor the student’s level and reward them for their progress. Different colored T-Shirts indicate the level of the student’s achievement.


Ranking System

The Dynamix Striking System can be broken down into 5 levels of development. At each level the student will learn new techniques and develop more skills.

The 5 levels of development within the Dynamix Striking System are:


Level 1 : White – Beginner 

Every person that begins training the Dynamix Striking System starts at Level 1. It isn’t required to have any experience in martial arts or physical training.

The training at Level 1 is designed to teach students the basic techniques such as: stance, basic attacks, defenses and footwork.

Through realistic counter and sparring drills, the students develop skills to effectively apply these techniques in practice.

Level 2 : Blue – Intermediate

The students learn the more intermediate attacks, defenses, and movements, as well as how to combine these different techniques.

Realistic movement, counter and sparring drills are done to develop timing and distance control.


Level 3 : Purple – Advanced

The students learn all the advanced attacks, defenses and movements, as well as complex combinations.

Realistic movement, counter and sparring drills are trained with a lot of focus on tactics and set-ups.

Level 4 : Brown – Expert

The students know all the techniques, skills and tactics used and taught in the Dynamix Striking System.

In training, the focus is on a maximum development of the student’s individual style within the system by using the unique body characteristics in the most effective



Level 5 : Black – Master

A student promoted to a Level 5 of the Dynamix Striking System has a complete and analytical understanding of the system and can now train others.

The student has become a Master.