Antoni Hardonk began training in kickboxing in 1990 in his native country the Netherlands at the Vos gym in Amsterdam. Antoni developed under the watchful eye of legendary trainer Johan Vos and world champion training partners Ivan Hippolyte, Ernesto Hoost and Jerrel Venetiaan. In 1997 Antoni started competing in professional kickboxing matches with great success. […]

Ed Walrath began his grappling career in 1989 as a wrestler in Orange County California.  After his wrestling career, he turned to coach at a local high school. Where he started to see his true passion was for helping others achieve.  In 2000 he continued his grappling training under no-gi pioneer Chris Brennan at Next […]

AJ Barnala was literally Dynamix’s first student and has been training with us since the gym’s grand opening in 2010. From the start, AJ has immersed himself in all aspects of MMA—training Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling—while at the same time also focusing on personal development. The gym has grown quite a bit since the early […]

Sean Crenshaw joined the Dynamix Team in 2012, immediately training in all of the components of Mixed Martial Arts—Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, and wrestling— and significantly improving his complete MMA game, all while building his resume as a strength coach. One of the most hardworking members of the team, his drive, discipline and natural toughness, but […]

A perpetual student, Gustavo joined Dynamix in 2015 to continue and expand upon his already extensive combat sports education. Gustavo received the second degree on his blackbelt in 2017. He uses his technical diversity and vast experience to coach students of all levels. Known for his friendly personality and patient demeanor, Gustavo Gasperin is an […]