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1. What is Kickboxing?
2.  Kickboxing at Dynamix
3.  Dynamix Striking System (DSS)
4. Curriculum
5. History & Lineage

Program: Dynamix Striking System / Kickboxing / Muay-Thai / MMA Striking
Head Instructor: Antoni Hardonk, K-1 and UFC veteran
Instructors: AJ Barnala, Lucas Drews, Sean Crenshaw, Jordan Wright
Duration: 1 hr and 15 mins
Attire: Dynamix training shirt
Equipment: Boxing gloves, hand wraps, shin guards (available at Dynamix MMA)

What is kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a modern martial art and combat sport which can be practiced for health & fitness, self-defense, or competition in Muay Thai and MMA. The techniques taught in kickboxing include punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes as well as blocks and sweeps from the standing position and clinch.

Who is kickboxing for?

Everyone! It doesn’t matter what age or physical shape you’re in. Dynamix offers classes and one-on-one private training sessions for men and women of all levels of experience who are interested in a fun work-out and all the benefits that come with a kickboxing lifestyle.

What are the benefits of kickboxing?

Kickboxing has a multitude of benefits for the mind, body and spirit. The training sessions are designed to increase students’ strength, endurance, flexibility, agility and coordination, while practicing realistic fighting techniques in a fun and safe environment. Not only is kickboxing a great work-out, but it also helps students develop better focus and self confidence has a positive impact in all aspects of life.



        Kickboxing at Dynamix

“We don’t only give you the tools but also teach you how to work with them.”

Dynamix MMA is a unique training center where people from all walks of life come together to learn the art of kickboxing, work out, and socialize. From beginners who want to learn the fundamental principles, to pro-fighters who are seeking to perfect their discipline – everyone is welcome at Dynamix! We offer two different types of training.

Group Classes

Dynamix offers classes for men and women of all age groups from absolute beginner to the expert level. The students work together during fun but realistic drills, and learn how to attack, defend and counterattack while moving and maintaining balance. They also learn how be helpful training partners who can playfully challenge each other to grow to new levels of skill, understanding and confidence. To make sure that every student gets the best training possible, Dynamix offers different classes for each level of experience. Every new student starts at the fundamental level and can progress to the intermediate and advanced levels after promotion through testing. The level of the students is visible through a color code of training t-shirts.

Private training

In addition to group classes, Dynamix also offers one-on-one private training. The private sessions are customized for the specific goals and needs of each individual and are an excellent way to supplement group instruction or to independently work towards mastering the martial art. Whether you want to learn self-defense, get in shape, or help prepare for competition–our focus is on working together to help you reach your goals.

“The goal is to apply maximum pressure while staying safe.”



What is the Dynamix Striking System?

The Dynamix Striking System is a modern and effective kickboxing style and has it’s roots in Kickboxing as it’s being practiced in the Netherlands. This style of kickboxing, also known as Dutch Kickboxing, is known for it’s powerfull combinations with punches and kicks combined, and has shown it’s effectiveness by dominating the various international pro Muay Thai and Kickboxing competitions (K-1 and Glory) for the last 35 years. The Dynamix Striking System is the result of the natural evolution in technique and training methods when time tested Dutch Kickboxing meets modern day sport science and MMA.

What’s makes the Dynamix Striking System unique?

Just like any other Kickboxing or Muay Thai system, the Dynamix Striking System makes use of punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. But more than just a collection of strikes, the Dynamix Striking System is a complete system of striking including offense, defense, and movement, with the ultimate goal of putting pressure on an opponent while staying safe.

To do this, the Dynamix Striking System focuses on two core tenets:

• Interactive Pressure
• Distance Control

Interactive Pressure (or Action–Reaction pressure) means that the fighter’s approach to a striking exchange is focussed on offensive pressure while staying safe at the same time. In other words, the fighter tries to attack first (from as far as possible) to start the exchange, but can at any time switch back to defend themselves, and is immediately able to counter strike. To do this it’s very important that the striker can rapidly switch between offense and defense, which enables them to use offensive attacks and counter strikes simultaneously, instead of being forced to chose between one or the other. Therefore, all of the techniques used in the Dynamix Striking System are designed to function within a larger chain techniques while maintaining balance.

Distance Control is the ability to use reach regardless of physical attributes such as arm-length and height. Distance Control emphasizes mastering both offensive and defensive ranges and the abiltiy to instinctively judge between the two.


“We don’t break people down; we build them up.”

To optimize students’ training experience and improve the quality of education, Dynamix has developed a total learning strategy, unique to kickboxing. This strategy is designed as a roadmap for the students, complete with clear goals and milestones, and is organized as a full curriculum. The curriculum is broken down into a ranking system which determines the different levels of progress and a teaching plan to make sure the students get the most out of their classes on each of those levels.

Teaching Plan

To ensure that the classes taught at Dynamix are of the highest possible level, Dynamix developed a teaching plan. This teaching plan uses a ranking system to make sure that all students receive training that is in line with their goals and level of experience. This helps prevent beginner students from being overwhelmed or lost in practice, and also to challenge the more experienced students to keep making progress. The teaching plan is not structured like a normal roadmap in the sense of a straight line towards the end goal, but instead based on the circular learning process. The student learns basic techniques, develops fundamental skills, and begins to execute those skills in practice. At the next level, the same techniques and tactics will be reviewed while new details, techniques and training drills are introduced. This builds upon the existing foundation and increases variation, detail and difficulty. The teaching plan ensures that new students are not overwhelmed in class, but instead are being comfortably challenged to get better. At the same time, the more experienced students stay challenged to keep growing to their personal best.

Ranking System

As students gain experience over time and develop better technique and skills, they naturally progress trough various learning stages. Dynamix recognizes those stages and offers different classes accordingly, to make sure all students get the most out their training at each level of development. Testing days are done to evaluate the level of the students and recognize their progress by way of a promotion within the system. When promoted the students receive colored t-shirts representing the level of technical understanding and skill, just like colored belts are used with the gi/kimono in traditional martial arts.

Different stages of progress
In a student’s journey from novice to mastership, Dynamix recognizes 5 different stages of progress. Each of the five stages will naturally make the developing student change his/her focus to face the next challenge. To give the students the best possible instruction and guidance, Dynamix has broken down it’s ranking system into 5 levels. This allows the program to shift focus with the student as they grow and present them with the challenges that will bring the most progress in training. The 5 levels of development and their focus points are as follows:

 Level 1: White Belt
Every person that starts training in the Dynamix Striking System begins at the Fundamental Level. It is not required to have any previous experience in martial arts or physical training in general, since the program starts with the very basics of the system. The students in the Fundamental classes wear the white training shirts as their uniform just like students in other martial arts wear a white belt with their gi/kimono.

The main focus points in practice:
• Fundamental techniques
• Footwork for balance
• Offense & defense with single or two techniques

Level 2: Blue Belt
When the student develops an Intermediate level of understanding and skill in the Dynamix Striking they are promoted to blue belt. Blue belts have access to Intermediate classes, and receive blue training shirts which indicate their rank.

The main focus points in practice:
• Extended Fundamental techniques
• Footwork for Movement
• Offense & defense with combinations

Level 3: Purple Belt
When the student develops an Advanced level of understanding and skill in the Dynamix Striking they are promoted to purple belt. Purple belts have access to Intermediate classes, and receive purple training shirts which indicate their rank.

The main focus points in practice:
• More specialized techniques
• Distance-Control and footwork for angles
• Offense & defense with Set-Up’s and more complex variations

Level 4: Brown Belt
When the student develops an Master level of understanding and skill in the Dynamix Striking they are promoted to brown belt. Brown belts have access to Intermediate classes, and receive brown training shirts which indicate their rank.

The main focus points in practice:
• Most specialized technique
• ambidextrous offense & defense
• Maximizing it’s own personal style

Level 5: Black Belt
A student promoted to a Black Belt in the Dynamix Striking System has a complete understanding of the system as a whole and can now train others in the system. The student has become a master.

History & Lineage